The demand for standup paddleboards grew rapidly in those years. Many paddlers asked for boards that were easier to transport. That’s why the first Indiana inflatable SUP boards were sold in 2014. Standup paddling was evolving from a trend into a worldwide sports and leisure movement. Indiana was at the forefront – and still is today. 
Within the Indiana crew, all sorts of watersports come together, as well as the corresponding knowledge. For this reason, it was an obvious choice to expand the product range. Since 2018, the paddleboards have been accompanied by surfboards, wakeboards, kitesurfing boards and various foilboards, either made of carbon or inflatable. To match this diversity, the brand got a new name in 2018: Indiana Paddle & Surf.
The large board selection at Indiana does not make it easy for customers to find the right board. For this reason, Indiana commissioned me to create a board finder.

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